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What Services Do We Provide?

Trees are life-givers and preservers, but they also require care. Whether it’s in the backyard or on the street, proper care can ensure that it stays lush green with leaves and doesn’t cause any harm to the surroundings. In many instances, taking care of a tree or cutting it down entirely is no easy task, which is why a tree service in Grand Rapids Michigan is here to help.

As we all know, climate change is knocking hard on our doorsteps. While we need to plant more trees, we also need to take good care of the ones we have. Just one tree can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen in a year.

What Services Does Grand Rapids Tree Removal Experts Provide?

Grand Rapids Tree Removal Experts is a company that provides tree maintenance and removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Here are the three services we provide:

Tree Care

At Tree Service Grand Rapids Michigan, we take care of all your tree maintenance needs. Whether it’s pruning the tree or getting rid of pests, our experts can help get the tree back in healthy shape. It’s not uncommon for trees to get dead stems and branches that need to be cut away.

Similarly, trees can get attacked by pests and insects that can damage the leaves, branches, and roots of the tree. It may be hard, and even dangerous, for a non-professional to prune the leaves of a tree at a height. This is why our professionals take a safe approach to prune dead branches and get rid of any pests without harming the actual tree.

Since trees are outdoors, they are more susceptible to damage from external factors that are often beyond our control. While they are sturdier than your house plants, they do require some timely care, especially before seasonal changes. The better care they receive, the more they flourish and reward the atmosphere. It’s a classic give and takes relationship where we get what we give.

Tree Removal

Tree removal Grand Rapids Michigan is our tree cutting service for Grand Rapids residents. A damaged tree is a disaster waiting to happen. It can become infested with bugs and pests, or fall down, damaging cars, properties, or personnel.

Cutting down a tree requires precision, care, and the right tools. Our tree removal Grand Rapids Michigan service offers professional tree removal that ensures the dead or damaged tree doesn’t pose a threat and comes out easily.

Tree removal may also be necessary in case of a wildfire as trees can readily catch fire. Cutting down a tree just in time doesn’t just ensure safety for the neighborhood but also other healthy trees in the area, which can become hosts to pests and bugs from the damaged tree.

Tree Stump Removal

Our tree removal Grand Rapids Michigan service doesn’t just deal with erect trees but also the stumps left behind from already cut trees. The stump from very large trees doesn’t just look unappealing in your garden or street but also poses a threat. Kids or adults could tip over it and badly hurt themselves.

Similarly, the stump could be a breeding ground for pests and bugs. Termites, beetles, and carpenter ants can make an old tree stump their home resulting in a permanent rot that also smells bad.

Our arborists can take care of the tree stump and remove it professionally without damaging the ground immediately surrounding it. Removing a tree stump that’s doing nothing but just taking space on the ground should be a priority for any homeowner. We can create more space for new trees and plants by removing the space-taking tree stump.

Best Tree Service Grand Rapids Michigan

At Grand Rapids Tree Removal Experts, we live and breathe trees and know everything about them. From ensuring their survival to giving them an appropriate end, our experts believe in working with integrity because it’s not just trees we are taking care of but nature.

Plus, a well-pruned, healthy tree increases the aesthetic value of a property. Everyone loves greenery around them, as trees also make the air fresher. If you live in Grand Rapids Michigan and have tree troubles, use our services to get the best for you and your trees.